Saturday, November 10, 2007

On Veteran's Day...

Thank you Grampop, Dad, Tom, Brian, Jess, Welo, Chet, Elaine, Travis, James, Tracy, Kristen, Josh, Bessie, Joann, Col. H., Joe, Nathan, Erika, Aaron, Summer, Khris, Jeff, Chris, MJ, Chris, Cris, Kristina, Tim, Jack, Uncle Jack, Uncle Steve, Spaz, Micaela, Matt, Tait, Nate, Ty, Joe, Brian, Bart, Leo, John, Zen, Great Grandpa, Ryan, Dave, Brooke, Robyn, Matt, Jen, Kevin, Ryan, Jamie, Kevin, John, Jon, Jay, Jeff, Casey, Jim, Ryan, Nokie, Nicki, Jesse, Kelly, Cliff, Dara, Erin, T, Gio, Alex, Jaclyn, Patrick, Janet, Bethany, Mike, Sam, Greg, Chrissy, Laura, Tom, Jason, Beth, Bethany, Kate, Derek, Nathan, Aaron, Tom, Tony, Mike, Pete, Richie, Ben, John, Shayne, John, Vanessa, Derek, John, Col. E., Lindsay, Paula, Malia, Tess, Jon, Col. T., Edie, Beth, Jen, Troy, Brian, Nick, Sarah, Brian, Dana, Derek, Mary E., Samantha, Chris, Paul, Scott, Travis, Kelli, Lisa, Tracy... and the countless others who have and are sacrificing to serve our country and protect our way of life.

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  1. Okay, so see, I'm making people cry on my blog and now you're doing it to me! I love this song, I actually listen to it frequently (I'm a glutton for punishment), but it always makes me cry!