Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Do You...?

How do you teach your kids the concept of a morning offering?

First of all, let me say that I struggle with this practice myself. And since this was not something done in my house growing up, I'm kind of winging it. I only have one child who reads so far, so the idea of morning Bible time is not realistic for us, yet. And forget anything requiring self-discipline with our 2 year old. We are still working on making the bed, and that's something tangible, something she can see and touch to understand. So how do you teach and enforce a proper way for your children to start their day by giving it to the Lord?

In our house, I'm really trying to develop habits in my kids, so I knew some kind of prayer routine would be needed. Since my kids all need some degree of help to get ready in the morning, I am all over the place. Until breakfast. So I decided to incorporate our offering of our day into our breakfast prayer. But, again, not having anything from my past to fall back on, I found myself writing a prayer for this purpose. Crazy, I know! I knew it had to be simple, both to be able to learn, and to understand, and I also know how the girls like rhyming. This is what I came up with:

Thank you, God, for this food

And for all who made it taste so good.

And thank you, Lord, for this special day,

That we may please* you in all we do and say.

Be with us from up above

So we can share your awesome love.


The girls love it! They want to say it at lunch and dinner, too. Kind of defeats the idea of a "morning" offering, huh?

So, again, I ask, how do YOU, or do you, teach your children the concept of giving each day to the Lord? Please leave your comment, or even a link to a post you may want to write about this idea.

I can't wait to learn from you!

*(I'm thinking about changing the "please" to "serve." What do you think?)

One of the Best Things I've Read on the Mommy Wars

Um, No, I Don't Think So

Elizabeth Foss never fails to inspire me.

And while I'm sad at the end of Faith and Family Magazine, I'm hopeful for what Danielle Bean and the F&F writers will continue to do for sharing the faith through media.

Monday, November 28, 2011


I'm back. Again. Reentering cyberspace. Again.

I've come to terms with the reality that this blog, and it's, um, dry spells, are just a reflection of my life. It's been a crazy few months with a move across country and a new baby as just two of the ups and downs on this roller coaster, with many more twists and turns than I could have ever imagined. So taking a step away from the blog was ok. But a hint of normalcy is returning to my life and now I'm back. Trying again. I'm sure there will be more "breaks." But the when and why are yet to be determined. So if you've been here before, thanks for sticking with me. If you're new to my little corner of the blogsphere, welcome! I'd love to know who you are, so if you are so inclined, leave a comment. New friends are always a blessing!

For now, good night!

Snapshot ~ November 28, 2011

Outside ~ The warm weather does not have this Colorado girl feeling like it’s about to be December. I think it is supposed to cool off later in the week.

Inside ~ It’s pretty quiet. I’m grabbing some computer time while the 2 littlest are sleeping and the 2 big girls are outside with Dad.

I am wearing ~ jeans, a raspberry knit shirt with black cardigan, and jewelry! I volunteered in Isabel’s classroom today, so I was motivated to get up and get ready properly.

Blessings to be Counted ~ family that can visit ~ a roof over our heads ~ answers to health issues

On my mind ~ my daughters’ education ~ a potential business opportunity (actually, a couple of them)

With love and prayers ~ for converted hearts; PATIENCE; peace; health for loved ones

Living the Faith ~ We’ve received our new issues of Magnificat and MagnifiKid to help us learn the new translation of the Mass.

Making Lists ~ to prepare for Christmas. There are presents to be bought, recipes to be made, and parties to plan!

From the Bookshelf ~ I’ve started so many books! I just can never seem to finish them. I’m trying to organize my books that I need to read on a list so I can hold myself accountable. Oh, yeah, and not buy any more books!

From my iPod ~ I’m listening to the playlist of songs I created to celebrate the girls’ baptisms. (I’ve put them all into one playlist so I can listen to them all without having to switch lists.)
~ I also can’t get enough of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” this time of year. I have a new favorite version.

From the kitchen ~ Struggling to follow the plan. We are getting better.

From the School Room ~ Struggling here as well. I have definitely fallen into a little pit (of despair) that I’m desperately trying to climb out of. I need to find some motivation somewhere.

From the Calendar ~ There are glimpses of a rhythm developing. Not as fast as I had hoped though.

Keeping the Castle ~ The Advent wreath is out, along with our Advent/Christmas books for the kids. Tom has started decorating the outside of the house with more to do. We have mapped out a plan of “attack” to prepare our home for the Baby Jesus.

Keeping the Temple ~ The scale was not as mean as I expected this morning. I started the C2K program for a week and then got derailed by a husband’s trip and an injured toe. Have not found the motivation/energy to get back to it. This is the goal for this week.

Creative Expression ~ Have you been on Pinterest? I plan to do a whole post on my love of this site. So much inspiration to be found. And I’ve actually attempted a few of my pins.

Wanting to Share ~ If You Send Mommy to Get Mail

~ The Sole Purpose of this Post is to Make You Feel Better About Yourself

The Children ~ Isabel is still “expressing herself” a little too much for mommy’s comfort. We need to work on some politeness. But she is still a big help.
~Alexis jumps at the chance to comfort the baby when she is fussy. It brings joy to my heart to see her try to make her smile.
~We finally have some answers for Maire’s health issues. Still waiting to map out a course of action.
~I like to call Victoria my “Angel Baby.” She is definitely easy and I have even been able to sleep for more than 6 hours a few nights.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week ~ School, another medical appt., a birthday party, organization

Captured Memories ~

Sunday, November 27, 2011