Monday, November 28, 2011

Snapshot ~ November 28, 2011

Outside ~ The warm weather does not have this Colorado girl feeling like it’s about to be December. I think it is supposed to cool off later in the week.

Inside ~ It’s pretty quiet. I’m grabbing some computer time while the 2 littlest are sleeping and the 2 big girls are outside with Dad.

I am wearing ~ jeans, a raspberry knit shirt with black cardigan, and jewelry! I volunteered in Isabel’s classroom today, so I was motivated to get up and get ready properly.

Blessings to be Counted ~ family that can visit ~ a roof over our heads ~ answers to health issues

On my mind ~ my daughters’ education ~ a potential business opportunity (actually, a couple of them)

With love and prayers ~ for converted hearts; PATIENCE; peace; health for loved ones

Living the Faith ~ We’ve received our new issues of Magnificat and MagnifiKid to help us learn the new translation of the Mass.

Making Lists ~ to prepare for Christmas. There are presents to be bought, recipes to be made, and parties to plan!

From the Bookshelf ~ I’ve started so many books! I just can never seem to finish them. I’m trying to organize my books that I need to read on a list so I can hold myself accountable. Oh, yeah, and not buy any more books!

From my iPod ~ I’m listening to the playlist of songs I created to celebrate the girls’ baptisms. (I’ve put them all into one playlist so I can listen to them all without having to switch lists.)
~ I also can’t get enough of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” this time of year. I have a new favorite version.

From the kitchen ~ Struggling to follow the plan. We are getting better.

From the School Room ~ Struggling here as well. I have definitely fallen into a little pit (of despair) that I’m desperately trying to climb out of. I need to find some motivation somewhere.

From the Calendar ~ There are glimpses of a rhythm developing. Not as fast as I had hoped though.

Keeping the Castle ~ The Advent wreath is out, along with our Advent/Christmas books for the kids. Tom has started decorating the outside of the house with more to do. We have mapped out a plan of “attack” to prepare our home for the Baby Jesus.

Keeping the Temple ~ The scale was not as mean as I expected this morning. I started the C2K program for a week and then got derailed by a husband’s trip and an injured toe. Have not found the motivation/energy to get back to it. This is the goal for this week.

Creative Expression ~ Have you been on Pinterest? I plan to do a whole post on my love of this site. So much inspiration to be found. And I’ve actually attempted a few of my pins.

Wanting to Share ~ If You Send Mommy to Get Mail

~ The Sole Purpose of this Post is to Make You Feel Better About Yourself

The Children ~ Isabel is still “expressing herself” a little too much for mommy’s comfort. We need to work on some politeness. But she is still a big help.
~Alexis jumps at the chance to comfort the baby when she is fussy. It brings joy to my heart to see her try to make her smile.
~We finally have some answers for Maire’s health issues. Still waiting to map out a course of action.
~I like to call Victoria my “Angel Baby.” She is definitely easy and I have even been able to sleep for more than 6 hours a few nights.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week ~ School, another medical appt., a birthday party, organization

Captured Memories ~

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