Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I've Been Busy

Aren't we all?

Life has been a whirlwind around here since Christmas. 

Normal family of 6 stuff.

Medical stuff.

Military wife stuff.

Still settling into a new town stuff.

Political stuff.  :(

Homeschooling stuff.  (More to come on that!)

Starting a new business stuff.

And because I didn't have enough on my plate, as of today this stuff!

But I wanted to stop in and say hello!  I miss it here in my little slice of cyber space. And I miss you.  I'm hoping to get back here a little more often in the near future, but that may not be a reality until summer.  There's more sinking than swimming going on around here, at least that's how I feel, so this blog is some of the excess weight that I need to shed at times.  But I have lots to say and hopefully, I will get around to saying it soon. 

The baby is screaming.  I need to go.  We'll talk much to talk about!


  1. Are you going to run a marathon??? Or maybe your husband? Either way... happy distraction! I understand why cyberstuff takes a backseat. Still, we like it when you pop in. :)

  2. Oh, thank you Melody!

    Yes, I hit that register button for myself today. My best friend is the motivation behind it. Scared and excited for what will happen through the training!