Friday, August 7, 2009


As my first review for The Catholic Company's Review Program, I chose the June edition of Magnificat Magazine. I had read about the magazine on several blogs over the past couple of years and was interested, but did not want to commit to a full year subscription. Fortunately, the opportunity came up to review a single issue, so I jumped at the chance.

I always love the art on the cover. The issue I received had a beautiful painting of the chalice and host. I'm definitely not an art guru, but I appreciate when beautiful pieces of art show up in every day life. Then there are the great resources within the magazine, the liturgical calendar for the month, articles, prayers and blessings, and of course, the order of the Mass and the daily readings. The thing I liked the most, however, was the convenient size. The magazine fit very nicely in my purse. This turned out to be very helpful when we were in Texas and a question came up that I was able to help answer by pulling my issue out of my purse. Overall, I think this is a great resource and would recommend it to anyone who asked.

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