Thursday, August 27, 2009

You Won't Catch Me at a Nudist Colony

I don't "do" naked.

Never been skinny dipping.

Don't walk around the house in my underwear.

And I'm the same with my daughters. I try to keep them fully dressed at all times. My girls wouldn't be great for diaper commercials. Very rarely will you see a child of mine without their pants on and just in their diaper. If you do, you know just how bad a day it's been. Of course, if you were seeing this and weren't one of a very select few, I would be completely mortified!

I say all of this, but in reality know that if you are surrounded by children under a certain age (I'm not quite sure what that age is, yet), you are going to see some nakedness. The other night, as I was sitting in a chair nursing the baby, Isabel entered the room after her bath. She had dropped her towel somewhere along the way. My initial reaction was to tell her to hurry up and get dressed. Then I had a slight change in perspective. While holding a cheerfully chubby baby, I was able to see how my older daughter's body has changed over the few years since her birth. Isabel is tall and thin for her age, so it made the differences even more obvious. At that moment, I was in full appreciation of God's work.

In all of its naked glory.

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