Thursday, August 13, 2009

Must Haves For Baby

My dear friend is pregnant with her first baby, a boy, and is asking moms what they think are the most important things to have when baby arrives. So, I figured I would pose the question here. What were the things you could not survive without when you had a newborn? What did you use most often? Remember, this is her first baby. Another friend and I were discussing how there were some things we used all of the time with our first babies, but not as much with later additions. I think I'm just as curious to read all of your thoughts! Thanks for your help!


  1. For clothing: a pile of onsies and a pile of receiving blankets is all you really "need".

    Diapers and wipes (cloth or disposable). If cloth, some sort of container. If disposable, you don't really need anything other than your kitchen garbage can.

    A ring sling.

    A comfy chair or seat and pillows for propping mom's arms. Something for mom's feet, like a nursing stool, is good too, even if she's not nursing.

    Some good books or magazines for mom to read while baby is nursing, and if mom isn't nursing, then bottles and other equipment.

    A car seat and a stroller that the car seat can fit into.

    I think that's all a new mom really "needs". Everything else is gravy.

    Oh, I suppose a bassinet or cradle or crib would be good. But it's not necessary, especially if there are no other children around.

  2. Good list, Michelle. I would add a pacifier. Ducking and running the other way.

    Really, Xavier would nurse until he was full, and the scream and cry (and refuse to nurse). Finally, I popped a pacifier in his mouth one day and we all lived happily ever after. Sigh. It's worth having on hand, even if you're not planning on using it. A friend of mine uses her fingers, but he didn't want those either. And, quite frankly, my fingers are not always available.

  3. My list would be:

    baby carrier of some kind (try a few out after the baby is born to see what works)
    blankets/swaddler (I loved the swaddler even for my eighth baby)
    car seat/stroller
    camera =)
    I agree with the pacifier, and did have to use it a few times. Only for the first few weeks, though.
    If nursing, nursing bras and pads
    a comfortable "nest", with pillow, stool, water and snacks.
    A few good movies

    Everything else you can add as may be needed. For instance, a swing or bouncy seat will only be helpful if the baby is soothed by them. Some are, some are not, so don't buy those things until you get to know your baby and your needs.