Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Middle of January Daybook

Outside my window: It is still pretty dark. I think all of the snow has melted in our back yard, so it must be time for another storm.

I am listening to: Nothing. The girls are all still sleeping and Tom is downstairs working. All is quiet up here.

I am wearing: Navy blue sweatpants and tshirt from the high school volleyball team I coach and tennis shoes with my hair pulled back in a pony tail. I just finished working out with the Wii.

I am Thankful for: a husband who ignores my stupidity when I am feeling bad about myself and tries to refocus my thoughts to the positive.

I am Planning: EVERYTHING. Really trying to get the family’s act together with schedules and activities instead of just surviving from day to day.

I am reading: Signs of Life and Total Money Makeover but not making much progress on either

From the kitchen: I am trying to tighten the belt on groceries this month, so we’ll be emptying our cupboards and freezer. It’s all about using what we already have.

On being Healthy: Increased exercise, decreased snacking, those are the goals and I haven't been doing very well. Tom bought a new workout "game" for the Wii that I did for the first time this morning. Definite potential for getting the job done. I also need to focus on getting more sleep at night.

I am Thinking: about how tired I am and why do I never get anything I want done. Maybe one of these days I will realize it’s not about what I want, but what He wants.

I am Creating: A space to CREATE!!! We are PURGING quite a bit in the house (we should have done this long ago!) and I am getting a new craft space. The ideas are FLOWING on what to do with it.

On my iPod: I recently received a new iPod Touch. I have not spent a lot of time getting things on it yet. A little Christmas music to get through Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning, but I am really looking forward to customizing it and learning from my last iPod.

In the Learning Baskets: The letter R and Winter books are filling the baskets this week. I haven't been doing everything I want with the girls and I am letting it get me down.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty: The focus is all about establishing SCHEDULES in order to establish rhythm in our house. Again, there are many struggles in this area of my life. Just have to keep trying.

To Live the Liturgy: We don't have much planned this week. I am VERY EXCITED about a mom's bible study beginning next month at church.

I am Hoping and Praying: for converted hearts; brand new babies; PATIENCE; comfort to those lives touched by the tragedy in Haiti

In the Garden: All of the snow is gone out back and we've had some really nice days, but I'm trying not to get my gardening wheels spinning too fast because we most likely have plenty of snow to come still this winter.

Around the house: Cleaning, organizing, PURGING!!! We finally put away all of the Christmas decorations last week. Current projects include rearranging girls' room, switching out sizes in the closets, reorganizing the basement, getting rid of general clutter.

On Keeping Home: So much learning needs to be done on my part. It really is embarrassing.

One of my Favorite Things: little girls all tangled up in my bed, sleeping soundly

The Children: Isabel and Alexis went ice skating for the first time this weekend and did suprisingly well, especially Alexis. Afterward, I said that was all I needed, a ballerina AND a figure skater. Bring on the sequins!
~Maire slept for 6 hours last night. And that is all that I need to say about that :)

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: Maire's 9 month pictures this afternoon, volleyball practice and then our first tournament of the season this weekend. This coach is a little nervous, both for the girls and herself.

A Picture Thought I’m Sharing:

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