Thursday, January 14, 2010


So, obviously my last post was not of the positive variety. I know a lot of bloggers choose to focus on only the positive in their life and try not to use their blogs as a tool for complaining. I don't feel like I whine too much on here, but I do want to keep it real. The other night, I was feeling pretty bad about myself. I was yelling at the kids, even the baby, and had zero patience for anything and anybody, including myself. Of course, after a little sleep and some fresh perspective in the morning, things looked a little less horrible. I went a head and posted my thoughts, though, because sometimes it is nice to know that other people are struggling and we are not alone in facing our challenges. Life is hard. But with God's grace, we can get through any tough time. And sometimes, just sharing our thoughts (letting it out, so to speak) can help relieve a little of the stress. That is a lesson I desperately need to learn!


  1. And remember God always loves you no matter what. I find when I am really frustrated, especially with the kids, it helps to tell them, even in childese, that I am sad, upset, frustrated, etc. And ask them for help. Not that I never yell, but I can tell you that asking them for help works much better than yelling.

  2. We all have bad days. Glad things are better after some sleep.