Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Start Daybook

Outside my window: The sun is very deceiving. Especially in the car, blazing through the windshield. One step outside brings the reality of 20 degree temps.

I am listening to: The sounds of the tv in the other room and Alexis and Maire letting Mommy have a few minutes on the computer.

I am wearing: The jeans and tshirt I threw on to get Isabel to school. After a rough night with the baby (partially due to a power outage) I didn’t get up at the planned hour and didn’t get to properly shower and dress this morning. A baseball cap and oversized sweatshirt were also involved in getting us all out of the house.

I am Thankful for: my new Blackberry. It allowed me to be productive last night and continue to use the internet even though the power went out at 10pm.

~ new friends in our Parish and starting to feel a greater sense of community there.

~Christmas cards on the way to the post office. A huge weight off of my shoulders.

I am Planning: EVERYTHING. Really trying to get the family’s act together with schedules and activities instead of just surviving from day to day.

I am reading: Signs of Life and Total Money Makeover

From the kitchen: It’s Isabel’s turn to bring snacks into school on Wednesday, so I will be making Rice Krispies Treats in the shape of crowns to celebrate the Epiphany. I am also trying to tighten the belt on groceries this month, so we’ll be emptying our cupboards and freezer. It’s all about using what we already have.

On being Healthy: We busted out the Wii Fit we got for Christmas last year a couple of weeks ago. It’s about time, right? The expanding Miis can be quite motivational. Increased exercise, decreased snacking, those are the goals.

I am Thinking: about how tired I am and why do I never get anything I want done. Maybe one of these days I will realize it’s not about what I want, but what He wants.

I am Creating: A space to CREATE!!! We are PURGING quite a bit in the house (we should have done this long ago!) and I am getting a new craft space. The ideas are FLOWING on what to do with it. This weekend will also be a scrapbooking weekend!

On my iPod: I recently received a new iPod Touch. I have not spent a lot of time getting things on it yet. A little Christmas music to get through Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning, but I am really looking forward to customizing it and learning from my last iPod.

In the Learning Baskets: The letter I, Epiphany, and Winter books are filling the baskets this week.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty: The focus is all about establishing SCHEDULES in order to establish rhythm in our house. I am also testing out a new planner that I have put together myself.

To Live the Liturgy: The Wise Men are almost to the Stable to see the Baby Jesus. The older girls are loving the search each morning to discover where they have traveled over night. A great new tradition.

I am Hoping and Praying: for converted hearts; brand new babies; PATIENCE

In the Garden: (sigh) It looks very much like winter outside with barely a sign of life except the evergreens. Planning for the spring will be very exciting indeed!

Around the house: Cleaning, organizing, PURGING!!! I think the tree and ornaments will come down on Thursday due to obligations over the weekend.

On Keeping Home: So much learning needs to be done on my part. It really is embarrassing.

One of my Favorite Things: I was blessed with many great presents this Christmas, but my IT present was from my husband. He surprised me with this

"The Prayer at Valley Forge" was painted to serve the cause of liberty, to remind Americans of the deep spiritual roots of our beloved country, to recall a place of cold, and pain and sacrifice, to pay tribute to the tall and lonely man who alone held the struggling nation together, General Washington, driven to his knees there in the bitter snows of Valley Forge.

The Children: Isabel surprises me with the things she seems to understand, from the events of the first Christmas to visiting a loved one’s grave.
~Alexis is growing out of toddlerhood. Her thoughts, vocabulary, physical skills are all reminders that her 3rd birthday is not that far away. She has become quite the helper, but the two-year old tantrums are still there. Potty training is in the very near future.
~Maire, of course, is changing the quickest. She is testing her vocal abilities and shows her displeasure by making a sound similar to rolling your Rs. We are continuously looking for new foods to give her and she is eating pretty well. She is still getting up every couple of hours at night to nurse which is definitely wearing on Mommy. There was a little bit of hope in this department the other night with two four hour stretches. We’ll see if it continues.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week: Pre-school, ballet, and volleyball start up again. I’m hoping for some success in establishing a schedule and accomplishing SOMETHING.

A Picture Thought I’m Sharing:

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