Monday, December 26, 2011

It's Giveaway Day!!!

I hope you and your families were blessed with peace, joy, and maybe a few presents yesterday! It was slightly chaotic around here, but fun was had and love was present. But you don't want to hear about that, do you? You heard there's a giveaway!

Yes! 12 Days of Giveaways, actually! I feel so blessed to be able to do this for you and I'm very excited! (Did I mention that Gifts are my love language?) So visit everyday to see what is the prize of the day!

Today's giveaway is a wonderful book by Amy Welborn.

From her website:

The Catholic Woman’s Book of Days is a 365-day devotional for Catholic women. It is loosely tied to the liturgical year, is a very handy size, and features special devotions for several saints. It is not structured to be tied to any particular year. So it’s sort of perennial. And no, I don’t know about the crosses on the cover. People always ask me about them, thinking they’re mine.

What a perfect way to start out the upcoming new year! This is one of the books I keep in my bedside table. What's great about Amy's book is that the devotions are not time-consuming, so even the busiest of women can fit it in.

Sadly, I'm not great at the daily devotional thing. It seems like I'm always in such a rush in the morning that I don't think about it and then at night, I'm so quick to pass out from exhaustion when I got to bed. I know this is a priority issue and I plan on working on it in 2012.

Do you have a daily devotional? Do you use a book or go to a specific place each day to be with God? Leave a comment, now through Jan. 6th, telling me about your daily devotional time, or what you would like it to be, and you'll have a chance to win this book. I'll annouce winners, for this and all of the giveaways, on Jan. 8th, the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh awesome! I love giveaways, and it's awesome of you to do this! I'd be interested in this book. After our recent pilgrimage, I have a desire to really work on my relationship with Christ, for our relationship, and also for my family. I have plans to start reading our daily children's Bible with my children, but haven't really figured out what I"m going to do alone yet. A book like this would be awesome! Thanks!

  2. I pray the rosary every morning when I go running.

  3. Okay, I pray the Rosary when I drive/fly... even if it is just running up to Denver. My 2012 resolution is to add exercise so I am hoping the fold the laundry idea can be incorporated into exercise... pray for the children, speak to him, during the exercise (Instead of praying for the end of the work out!!). 2 Years of successful resolutions behind me (the first brought me to you... joining bible study) and reading more... here's hoping third time's the charm, too!

  4. I am not good with the rosary unless sitting at bible study or in chapel, I am too ADD and my mind runs amuk!! However, last year I used Danielle Bean's Small Steps for Catholic Moms. It was a great match for me. There are 3 sections to each day (Very brief), Think, Pray, Act. The think and pray were for me (well, that is how I used it anyway), and the act kept the challenge for me to get my family involved. It always amazes me when your actions are Christ focused how well the day goes!!

  5. Michelle, you listen to a rosary while you run or do you just pray it from memory while you are running?

  6. Gift giving is my love language too!

    My time of prayer is in the evenings. I pray with each of the children and bless them before bed. Sometimes we will pray the rosary together while putting them to bed but usually that devotion is in the car with a cd because I love the music. :)

    Part of my goals for this year is to start a devotional time in the morning before everyone wakes up. So far, so good.