Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 10 Reasons For Hope in 2011


Here's to more hope in 2012!


  1. Oh Stina, this video is fantastic!! I'm a fan of but I hadn't seen this video until now! We do have much to be hopeful about, don't we? It came at a good time for me because I spent some time this morning at an abortion clinic in my city praying. It was a hard morning like last Thursday because there were more abortions performed the week before Christmas and after than is typical. Heartbreaking... so I needed to hear a hopeful message! Happy to hear that Arizona has a 30% reduction in abortions!! God Bless!

  2. My one complaint is that I find the Australian (?) voice a distraction on a video primarily about the Church in America. I kept wondering if there were no decent American voices available to narrate?