Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Party Prep

It's a little crazy around my house these days trying to get ready for a big dessert open house this Friday to celebrate Epiphany.  We've been cleaning and then on Thursday, I'll have a lot of baking to do. 

Along the baking lines, today's giveaway is for a couple of beautiful cookie cutters!  I have a Fleur de Lis

and an Angel for you.

Does this seem random to you?  Let me explain.  Back in October, my precious Victoria was baptized.  Trying to plan for that party, I purchased these cookie cutters thinking I would use them to make themed cookies.  We go to a church named for Saint Louis, King of France, which explains the fleur de lis, an unofficial symbol of France, (as well as a symbol with religious meaning referencing our Blessed Mother).  The angel was in honor of the date of her baptism, the Feast of the Guardian Angels.  Unfortunately, I never got around to using them, and trying to be honest with myself, it will be a while before I will. But that is good news for you, because now you have a chance to win them!  They are a good size cutter and I think the copper is pretty, so they would even make great decorations in a kitchen. 

Leave me a comment, between now and Jan. 6th, and these beautiful cookie cutters could be yours.  And maybe you'll send me some yummy cookies when you win!  To make it interesting and to learn a little more about you, in your comment let me know what your favorite kind of cookie is.  My mom has a great oatmeal butterscotch recipe that I love, but I've also been really digging a good classic chocolate chip cookie lately.  Like the other giveaways, I'll announce winners on Jan. 8th.  And because I can't help myself, let me share a picture from the day that inspired all of this... 

Isn't she beautiful? 


  1. love the fleur de lis cookie cutter.

    victoria is a doll.

  2. Victoria is beautiful. My favorite cookie is the kind on the plate in front of me.

  3. These are so pretty! The fleur de lis is wonderful. (But Victoria IS the best the going in this post by far. :)

    My favorite cookie is macaroon.

  4. So many thoughts, such slow fingers. I'll trade the cookie cutters for the pretty girl baby! JK. I am alot like Michelle that likes the cookie on the plate in front her. However, my dad makes KILLER Jumbo Gingersnaps during the holidays and when I was growing up, I was his #1 cookie helper. Mike's Pop made a WONDERFUL chocolate chip cookie that had oatmeal and walnuts and BIG chips. And a million years ago when I worked for the Department of the Navy, they'd send me on currier duty to the Pentagon on Wednesdays for the macaroons... mmmmm. If I am making cookies, though, it is chocolate chip all the way. The cookie cutters totally remind me of Lisa and would look GR8 in her New Orleans Kitchen.

  5. I think because it is Christmas, my favorite right now is a sugar cookie decorated by my children.

  6. Ok so I love love love these cookie cutters!! As Kathy mentioned they would look great in my New Orleans kitchen but seriously my family is from New Orleans so there is so much meaning to the fleur di lis and well the angel because I have an angel :) My favorite kind of cookie is a chocolate mint cookie. It is a chocolate cookie with and Andes mint melted on top. YUMMY!!!!!!!!
    Victoria is absolutely precious!!! :)

  7. Hi Stina,

    Your Victoria is the prettiest of all your pictures! My favorite cookie is chocolate chip. I'm not a fancy kind of cookie eater... just like the simple kind!