Friday, January 6, 2012

Party Time!

Happy Solemnity of the Epiphany!  (I know...we are really celebrating at Mass on Sunday.)

The 12 Days of Christmas have come and gone and now the 12th Day of Giveaways is finally here!

We're throwing a little Epiphany party tonight.  And of course, for a party, we need to get all gussied up!  My last giveaway for you will help you gussy up for your next party.  It's a beautiful necklace from lia sophia!

I love this jewelry!  I have the same necklace (and a few more!) and I think it could be worn casually and for more dressy occasions.  I never wore a lot of jewelry when I was younger, mostly just earrings, but I'm really finding that jewelry is helping me feel a little less like a frumpy mom these days.  I get my hair done, on average, about once a year, and I don't shop for new clothes too often, but I find that if I put on pretty piece of jewelry, I brighten up my appearance a bit.  And of course, what girl doesn't like to look nice! 

For your chance to win this necklace, leave a comment on what you like to do to lift your spirits up when you're feeling like a frump-a-lump.  For this particular giveaway, I'm going to give you guys until midnight of Jan. 7th, tomorrow, as a bonus to enter.  All of the other giveaways end tonight!

This has been a lot of fun and I'm so glad so many of you participated.  I have to go bake some more for tonight!  I'll announce all of the winners on Sunday.  How exciting!

Have a great weekend!


  1. This has been a lot of fun.Thank you for doing these give aways. I have enjoyed reading your blog too. It if fun to read what is going on with you guys. Have fun tonight at your party! We are having a little remembrance celebration tonight for Lucy, so it should be very nice. Talk to you soon.

  2. I cannot believe that Lisa didn't mention that she likes to get a pedi when feeling a bit down in the dumps... and I do too! That's why we're going today to get one! We'll be having pretty feet in honor of your party tonight! Happy Feast of the Epiphany! Much thanks and love for the 12 days of Christmas fun! I have started a blog myself... check it out.